The trap of having a project car.

Every car guy or girl, will at some point in their life, get themselves a project car. Now everyone will have a reason to get it. In my case, I have had several reasons. Initially they were flips to make some extra money on the side, to eventually buy the ‘final’ project car. So naive. But my ‘final’ project car is what I have – MY99 WRX in blue, gold wheels, sunroof, leather interior and […]

Subaru WRX MY99 GC8

My dream car finally in the garage….BUT it’s been there for a couple years now…. Simple film of the project car 1998 MY99 Subaru WRX GC8 shot on a Sony with a Fotasy manual lens for a bit of artsy fun. Nothing special just some film exercises and techniques. Camera: Sony A6400 Lens: Fotasy Manual Music: Epidemic Sound