The trap of having a project car.

Every car guy or girl, will at some point in their life, get themselves a project car. Now everyone will have a reason to get it. In my case, I have had several reasons. Initially they were flips to make some extra money on the side, to eventually buy the ‘final’ project car. So naive. But my ‘final’ project car is what I have – MY99 WRX in blue, gold wheels, sunroof, leather interior and […]

Man Caves require 90’s HiFi systems

Bluetooth? No. CD player? Nope..well yes maybe. Digital Radio? Radio..yes. Streaming music? Technically yes.. but no. It’s either going to be all black or brushed aluminium. Big volume dial. Some analog meters. Inbuilt equaliser. Twin tape deck – to make those sick mixtapes. Tuner and if you are a real big baller a record player. These are the requirements of a sound system in a man cave/garage/shed if you’re around 40-50. Those. Are. The. Rules. […]

All that Torque about Wrenching

What’s the difference between one torque wrench and another? Are they all the same? Prices vary so dramatically but so does the design of it. So what’s the better choice? Well it really does depend on what you need it for and who you are – a professional, amateur or professional amateur. Then you have to consider what brand do you go with and can you get away with something from Supercheap or do you […]

Targa Tasmania 2022 Expo at the Silverdome

Targa Tasmania 2022 is underway and one of the fans favourite go to event is seeing the cars lined up in the Silverdome Launceston for Targa Expo. Not everybody manages to get the time to go watch the cars out and about, so this is the next best thing. Car enthusiasts do love a good show and shine, coffee and cars, etc etc and if it’s full of race cars, then even more enjoyable. The […]

Why is everything so expensive?

I was there, 3000 years ago – basic unleaded was 49c/ltr and I was mad that I had to pay 50c/ltr. That was 1999 – how times have changed. Cars are up at least 40% in the used car market and anything that is popular or wanted is basically “name your price”! In Australia, we have dealerships selling used STI’s for nearly AUD$200,000 and this (see photo below)  fantastic delivery kilometres at a whopping AUD$230,000. […]

Subaru WRX MY99 GC8

My dream car finally in the garage….BUT it’s been there for a couple years now…. Simple film of the project car 1998 MY99 Subaru WRX GC8 shot on a Sony with a Fotasy manual lens for a bit of artsy fun. Nothing special just some film exercises and techniques. Camera: Sony A6400 Lens: Fotasy Manual Music: Epidemic Sound

Day 1.

Like many new things, we start off projects with excitement and fun. We will always plan to be better than everyone else, despite the fact we have no idea where to start and how to go about it. Perfect example is this blog. I have been wanting to do something like this for a while but, like many of us, always have an excuse for lack of time, money, energy blah blah blah. That’s you […]